Worship Team

God Lives in Our Praise

Our services open with the Worship Team helping to usher the presence of God into own sanctuary. Ours hearts are lifted as we let go and let God take control over the service.  We encourage you to close your eyes and join the choirs of heaven as we sing praises to God, the teams only here to help lead you in worship of Jesus.

More than Music

Worships so much more than a good sound. We believe that God inhabits the praises of His people, and we desire for everyone to clearly sense and experience God’s presence each time the church gathers. Through praise and worship, we desire to encounter the presence of God in a way that our lives are forever changed.

Worship More than an Experience

Worship must always go to Jesus, you might experience great blessing as His presence brings healing, deliverance, freedom, joy and all the other fruits of His Salvation but, Jesus is always the focus.

the tree of life

worship cross