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We welcome you to join us in prayer and making requests for prayer. We firmly believe in the power of God and want to build a Church which places high priority on prayer because, we believe that God hears us and is willing to answer from Heaven.

24 Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my sister who has been unwell and I haven’t heard from her for an usually long time now. She was taken into hospital and really needs our prayers.

    • Hi everyone just want to thank you all for lifting up my sister Patricia in prayer, Our God is faithful & hears the petitions of the righteous! Just to update, my sister started responding and has pulled through the worse, Glory to Jesus! Pls continue to pray for her complete healing, thanks so much!

  • Please pray for my situation.

    Mighty, Everlasting Father, we bow down before Your throne of grace and mercy. We bless Your Holy name, as we surrender our praise to You our loving King. You are the roaring Lion, powerful and mighty and none can defy You. Knowing this Lord, we can rest assured that we are fully protected and saved.
    Mighty we stand! Allow us to blossom and emerge mighty; standing strong, ready to win any battles thrown our way. Grant us the strength to carry on and to move forward into victory. May we walk on the raging waters and dance in the pouring rain, for the battle is already won and we shall overcome!

    Ephesians 6:10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

    Psalm 118:17 WE shall not die but live and proclaim the works of the Lord.

    Please pray for the strength, and protection needed to continue to stand and pray for the release of my daughter Raewyn, son Dean and myself.

  • Pray that during this storm weather, all our friends and family will remain safe. No car accidents, nobody caught outside while traveling and that food in our homes will be enough. God is our protector and shield.

  • I don’t seem to be able to stop my past from coming back. I need a job to pay my mortgage and bills as I have no boiker, hot water and heating in -3 temperature.
    The job that I’m in which ends on 29th March, may end before that as again my past has come to hunt me.
    I want to move forward with God but don’t know how if my past won’t leave me alone.
    My health is really bad too and having no heating is not helping me

  • Pray for the upcoming Revival and that God’s voice will be heard and that many people will be at church to hear Him speak. I believe many will be saved and helped!

    • We wittnessed a number of decisions to redeadicate their lives or turn to God for the first time. We wittnessed a word of knowledge about a brothers secrete health worries, God revealed and healed that concern. Other members experienced a real time of refreshing. God is moving.

  • Please Pray for Ruby Jo. She’s 4 and has relapsed. 90% of her bone marrow has cancer in it and she has been given 2 months to live as the chemo has stopped working. Her mom’s name is Sophie. Thanks

  • Please pray for the First Baptist Church at Sutherland Springs, pray for the Church, the families that lost lives and those fighting for their lives. Heaven received some saints today, much earlier than we would of wished.

    • I had an interview before I left for my holiday. They requested me in for a second interview during my holiday but, God’s favour was with me! They held my second interview where I meet the managing director until after I had returned. They also offered me the Job. God is a great provider

  • place in a school

    Please can you pray katelyn and lily will get a place in a school when I move please. And they will have friend’s around them that will be a good influence. Thank you ?

    • Hi, thank you all for your prayers. Praise be to god katelyn and lily got a place in the school i wanted and they start today??? always look to god and not your situation ?


    Hi guys!
    Could you please join me in prayer as I have 3 upcoming interviews with NHS. The first one being tomorrow, please pray that God will open doors of employment in my life. And that He will provide for me the best position with suitable hours.
    Thank you.

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